Sport Data Analysis

Analyzing sports data and drawing conclusions is one of the most important activities for the 21st century sports world. Our company evaluates sports data for two main purposes. These purposes; Injury prevention and training program determination.

Injury Prevention:

For injury prevention, services are provided to football, basketball and athletics branches and sub-branches. Aerobic Power and Capacity Test (VO2max), Anaerobic Power and Capacity Test (Wingate), Isoninetic Strength Test, Speedcourt, Optojump, Lactate, Vertimax results are evaluated considering the athlete's performance in the last 4 weeks.

Training Program Asistant:

An efficient training process is essential for athletes to perform better in competitions. Determining the training program is very important. An efficient training prepares the athlete for the competition both mentally and physiologically. We promise our users a better training process with the smart training assistant we are developing. This system is still in the testing phase and we aim to increase the currently achieved 8% success increase to a higher level.

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